We offer a variety of timber shelters including the TimberRidge, the TimberView, and custom designs.

The TimberRidge is a rectangular style shelter. It is the most popular and cost effective solution. Posts and supporting glulam rafters are eight feet on center with two foot overhangs on eaves and gable ends. Solid wood decking spans over the rafters on a 3:12 pitched roof.
The TimberView offers large, versatile open spaces to accommodate a wide variety of uses. The hexagon design has greater ceiling heights, allowing for better air movement and cooler temperatures. Add a two-step roof or cupola for even better ventilation and aesthetic appeal.
Often, Custom structures can accent unique features of your community. Our engineering and design staff can work with your design team to develop structures that enhance the theme of your project. We have worked on historic, natural, modern, and zoological projects.