TimberDeck resembles solid wood decking when viewed from below, with span capacity greater than five-inch laminated deck. The long span capability allows designers to space arches and support beams wider apart. This cuts down on the basic structure cost by reducing the number of structural frames in a given building length.

The open core of TimberDeck not only allows deep insulation cavities, but provides space for electrical conduits and other utilities without compromising the effectiveness of the insulation. Recessed lighting can be used, and the system’s flexibility lets you add utility runs at a later date.

Most asphalt shingle manufacturer warranties require air space below the roof sheathing. With TimberDeck, air flows on the underside of the roof sheathing, letting the system breathe freely. The air space reduces the shingle temperature, increases the shingle life, and minimizes the telegraphing of joints and surface defects.

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